Planes Mistaken For Stars Spearheading The Sin Movement

Following up on their phenomenal Fuck With Fire full-length, Planes Mistaken For Stars hits back with a three-song, ten-minute EP, which sadly continues their penchant for short releases. Not shifting musical gears as radically as their transition between Knife In The Marathon and Fuck With Fire, Spearheading continues Fuck With’s noisy blend of metal, rock, post-punk and screamo influences. A mix many in the underground combine, but no one quite sounds like Planes, or does it as well. While the production isn’t the greatest, there’s no questioning the ability of the players, or the quality of the three songs here. Planes hammer away through varying tempos, style combinations and riotous shifts, while the screamed singing always sounds slightly understated and melodic, adding to the Planes’ charm, which also contains a dark atmosphere permeating their tracks. With the number of watered down emo/screamo/rock bands blowing up, Planes may be too real for the masses enamoured with mall-punk looks and weak songs, but the smart money is on them, and their music, in any dark alley. (No Idea)