PJ Harvey Announces 'Let England Shake: 12 Short Films' DVD

PJ Harvey Announces 'Let England Shake: 12 Short Films' DVD
Before we even heard PJ Harvey's recent Mercury Prize-winning album Let England Shake, we knew that it had spawned a short film collection, as director Seamus Murphy signed on to make videos for each of the album's 12 tracks. Soon, those videos will be collected on a new DVD called Let England Shake: 12 Short Films by Seamus Murphy.

In a Facebook post, Harvey pointed to an Amazon listing that reveals the DVD will come out on December 12 in the UK via Universal. Here in North America, it's slated to come out the week before, on December 6.

Harvey wrote, "The disc comprises of all 12 of the short films which were made to accompany each song on PJ Harvey's Mercury Prize winning album Let England Shake. In addition there is one previously unseen short film for the song 'England' and personal notes from Seamus Murphy on the making of each film."

If you remember, we previously learned that Murphy shot these videos during a 5,000 mile road trip around England. He also filmed Harvey performing in her rehearsal space. Watch a couple of the clips below.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.