Pitch & Scratch Together

Hamburg's Pitch & Scratch (aka DJs/producers Suro and Mzuzu) have already received mad props from global dance floors, thanks to their 2009 debut, the all instrumental Hamburg Hustle. There are no signs of a sophomore slump on follow-up Together, which expands upon its predecessor's sonic palette, introducing some killer vocalists and a plethora of smoking international rhythms. "Papa Never Was A Genius" features New Orleans blues singer Wayne Lewis in a relaxed but gritty slice of updated, bass-dominated Southern soul, while "What You Wanna Do" mixes vocoders and vintage Fenders into an irresistible, ass-shaking, Roger Troutman meets Fela stew. Detours into hip-hop, with "Pitch Me and Scratch Me" (featuring British MC Seanie T), and Brazilian exotica on "Maculele" (featuring Brazilian chanteuse Leila Pantel) are just as intriguing and dance floor-friendly. There's not a bad or mediocre number in the bunch, making Together a summer party starter for funkateers, hip-hop heads and the lounge crowd alike. (Legere)