Pitbull Daycare Unclean

While mixing genres is quite common these days, sometimes bands need to recognise where their strengths lie. In Pitbull Daycare’s case, they should stop trying so hard to be dark and focus more on their punk sounds. Instead, we have another over-produced, watered-down, industrial/thrash metal hybrid clogging up the music scene. It is easy to pinpoint where Unclean goes wrong. Lyrics like "I cannot live like this anymore; I wish I could die,” are tough to swallow coming from a group who is obviously living out their rock and roll fantasies. Likewise, "Not Fair” could be an excellent song if the pretension of being misunderstood was not so dominant. As mentioned earlier, the groups’ punk sounds are their best attribute. These guys include a punked-out thrash version of R.E.M.’s "It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” that’s actually decent. There is one nice extra here too. The album includes a DVD and the main feature’s brilliant visuals add greatly to the music. Unfortunately, the feature contains too many interviews. More full-length videos would have been nicer. As a bonus, the DVD also offers a slide show of band photos, for anyone who cares. DVD aside, this album offers little, despite promising a lot. For their next release Pitbull Daycare should consider focusing on substance rather than sales. (Cleopatra)