Posthumous Humiliation

BY Brayden TurennePublished Feb 28, 2019

If art is a reflection of our society, then we are surely living through the end times, as indicated by Pissgraveʼs highly anticipated followup to 2015ʼs Suicide Euphoria. The scourge of all decency, Posthumous Humiliation, is a roar of disgust for the species, and a deliberate sniffing out of all comfort. We deserve only death.
If you had any reservations about Posthumous Humiliation due to its album cover, which abandons any element of taste, album opener "Euthanasia" immediately proves it to be a perfect representation of the whole album, as the listener is not given warning before being utterly bludgeoned by the songʼs militant savagery.
Pissgrave retain that distinct lather of shit over their sound, most distinctly the vocals, which sound less like any kind of voice and more like the perpetuated tearing of flesh, mingled with the demented roar of a cannibalistic beast. The guitars scrape like blades over open nerves, reminiscent of a band like Cannibal Corpse, yet somehow much more heinous and depraved than simply brutal in nature. There is an noticeable upping of proficiency in the instrumentation and songwriting all through Posthumous Humiliation, making it a step forward in every sense from what has come before.
Suicide Euphoria was one of the best death metal albums to come out in 2015, but it is undoubtedly eclipsed by this latest construct of pestilential glory. "Into the Deceased" instils one with an urgent anxiety in its contagious riffing and unrelenting tempo. But even when Pissgrave slow their pace in "Funereal Inversion," they are able to dodge the pitfalls of malaise and boredom.
Even this early in 2019, it seems as though Pissgrave may have given us the death metal release of the year. Ugly, adversarial and deeply sick, Pissgrave make masochists of us all as we crawl back eagerly for more punishment.
(Profound Lore)

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