Pinback Some Voices

Although 1999 saw the debut release for the Pinback duo of Rob Crow (Heavy Vegetable, Thingy, Optiganally Yours) and Armisted Burwell Smith IV (Three Mile Pilot), the recordings were over a year old at the time, having languished in label limbo. The new Pinback EP, Some Voices, contains four new tracks recorded after a two-year hiatus, giving Pinback quite a different flavour. Deeper textures and a fuller compliment of instrumentation mark these songs. While the title track contains more elaborate drum programming and layered guitars, the remaining three tracks have a full band feel with piano, drums, guitar, bass and Crow's melodic vocals at the core. What results is an album more attuned to a live setting, which might explain their current gigging throughout the U.S. Missing, however, is the successful tension found on their self-titled debut, where conflicting melodies and rhythms often emerged. Although moments of aggression are certainly evident on tracks like "Manchuria" and "June," a more traditional songwriting approach seems to be in effect. As traditional as Rob Crow gets, that is. It's not too dissimilar from Crow's rock/pop outfit, Thingy. Not that these aren't great songs, it's just that we have to be unreasonably demanding of our musical heroes. (Tree)