Pigs You Ruin Everything

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Pigs occupy a dark corner of the noise rock/hardcore punk/sludge metal niche festering in NYC, constantly threatening to mutate into something completely new and terrifying. Until that aural apocalypse comes to pass, bands like Pigs will continue to make abrasive, hybrid records cobbled together to form a shambling monster of influences. This particular three-piece are stacked with talent, featuring Jim Paradise (Freshkills) on drums, acclaimed producer Andrew Schneider (Slughog) on bass and the venerable Dave Curran (Unsane) on guitar and vocals. These masters of violence have created You Ruin Everything, a record of seething anger and bristling frustration, the kind of desperate, pent-up rage that would make you take a bottle to your best friend's face just to release some of the awful energy. This is the musical distillation of every stupid, grotesque fight you've ever had, when you said the thing you can't take back. There's a simplicity to the song structures that allows all the emotional hatefulness to come to the forefront ― the instrumentation always serves the feeling. With a pace that churns like a sour gut and riffs that hit to hurt, You Ruin Everything is a fantastic album that dredges up all your ugly feelings. (Solar Flare)