Piggy Calypso Orchestra of the Maritimes Don't Stop The Calypso

Fronted by the exuberant Paul Gailiunas, Halifax's Piggy have been enlightening the masses for over six years now and their first full-length CD is simply busting at the seams with good times. For a band that prides itself as veterans of the benefit circuit, fighting against social injustices, fun might not be what you'd expect. But then Piggy has always been about re-writing the rules. Another thing that might turn your head around is Piggy's connection to calypso music. Give the record a spin and listen to country and western guitar laments, Eastern European violin, Vaudeville show tunes, giddy pop songs, cool jazz and political folk ballads. Maybe it's not your conception of calypso, but to Piggy it's the subject matter of their topical anthems that maintain that calypso spirit. These socio-political tracks revel in tales of the everyday ranging from homelessness and public etiquette to bike riding, favourite neighbourhoods and even theology. Piggy songs never whine about the mess this world is in, they just try to make things better, starting with putting a great big gaping smile on your face. (Cinnamon Toast)