Phoebe Bridgers Launches Her Own Record Label

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Phoebe Bridgers Launches Her Own Record Label
Phoebe Bridgers is branching out with a new business venture — her very own record label.

The newly launched imprint is being called Saddest Factory, and it will operate in partnership with Dead Oceans — Bridgers's current label. Saddest Factory will provide a home to Bridgers's own signings.

As a press release explains, "Bridgers circled back and said in an all-hands on deck, organic and out of the box Zoom meeting last week with Secretly Group that curating a record label has always been a long held ambition of hers. Her role as CEO of Saddest Factory gives her the opportunity to work closely with other artists."

Bridgers herself stated, "The vision of the label is simple: good songs, regardless of genre."

If you want Bridgers to hear your music, you can now send recording to the label's new website.

Bridgers most recently released her album Punisher, as well as started a big war about Eric Clapton.