Phobia Lifeless God

Phobia Lifeless God
Orange County, CA grindcore legends Phobia have been around for 27 years now, and they never disappoint — if anything, they've only gotten angrier.
Case in point: their new album, Lifeless God. The band's sixth full-length follows up 2012's Remnants of Filth, and doesn't sugar-coat anything as it tackles the current political climate in America, with grotesque cover art that depicts President Donald Trump being torn apart in an apocalyptic cityscape.
Musically, Phobia stay true to their classic sound, as the release features 20 short and blistering, crust-infused tracks, all of which exude the visceral intensity that you'd expect from the band. The band's vicious riffs and blasting drums are unrelenting throughout, while frontman Shane "The Pain" Mclachlan's blood-curdling shrieks are especially potent on "Intimidator" and "Human Default = Suck at Life."
Also adding a familiar feel to the record is the fact that Mclachlan and bassist Calum Mackenzie are once again joined by drummer Danny Walker and guitarist Leon del Muerte (both of Exhumed, Intronaut and Murder Construct), as well as original member Bruce Reeves on guitar. It's a return of sorts to Phobia's veteran line-up that has both reinvigorated the band and, as a result, made Lifeless God more powerful. (Willowtip)