Philly Moves Creators of the Lost Art

The new album from Toronto, ON-based, but Ottawa, ON-born rap duo Philly Moves is most definitely a throwback, which should come as no surprise to those familiar with the music of rapper Tragic and producer Johnny Rockwell. But even to newbs it should be pretty evident, what with the title's play on words, referencing a famous movie about an archaeologist adept at unearthing ancient artefacts. And Rockwell's soulful, sample-based beats are as dusty as the old objects for which Indiana Jones searches. Tragic's lyrics touch upon the typical hip-hop tropes — rapping about rap and partying, with girls, booze and weed in abundance — but he also digs deeper with some fresh takes: "Wu-Thang" is an ode to Wu-Tang that references the members and their songs over a RZA-style beat; "Shorty Had A Man" is a mellow, R&B-style number about the time-wasted hitting on girls who hide that they're already in a committed relationship (and is a refreshing angle to approach in a music form rife with braggarts who would have hit that); and "She Wear My Fitted" is another ode, this time to his fitted caps and the women he'll let wear his. However, the centrepiece and highlight of the album is, fittingly, "Old as Fuck," a nostalgia track comparing then and now over a slow piano ballad. Creators of the Lost Art is a good album, but for a duo willing to break out blues version of album cuts accompanied only by acoustic guitar when playing live, it's a shame they didn't take more risks with the production. (Independent)