Phil Kessel Is Apparently a Huge Mariah Carey Fan

And 'Glitter' is his favourite movie
Phil Kessel Is Apparently a Huge Mariah Carey Fan
Phil Kessel has been a Maple Leaf, a Penguin and a Coyote, but his true identity is that of a Lamb. Yes, the former Toronto hockey star is seemingly a huge fan of Mariah Carey.
The NHL player was recently traded from the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Arizona Coyotes and, as such, his Pittsburgh home is up for sale.
Even stranger than the three bottles of Baileys (and barely anything else) in his wine cellar and the room with nothing but a giant teddy bear, is the fact that Kessel's one-chair movie theatre has a Glitter poster hanging in it.
The poster is one of four movie posters in the room (along with Wedding Crashers, The Godfather and Rounders), and a keen eye on Twitter has pointed out that it appears to be personally addressed to Phil and signed by Carey herself.
If our eyes don't deceive us, the inscription reads: "To Phil: Glad I could be in your favorite movie."
Some have insinuated the poster could just be a joke or a gag gift from a friend, but it seems like Kessel chooses his minimalist decorations rather carefully, so we're sticking with the theory that he's a Carey stan and Glitter really is his favourite movie.
Peruse the whole house tour over here.