Pharma Villain Martin Shkreli Disses Ghostface Killah in Ridiculous New Video

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jan 28, 2016

Maniacal evil genius Martin Shkreli continues to draw headlines thanks to his many diabolical schemes. When he's not jacking up the prices of AIDS medication, being arrested for stock fraud or funding alternative record labels, he's constantly drawing headlines for his place in the hip-hop world. Shkreli owns the rare, one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, and his refusal to share the album has launched a special beef with Ghostface Killah.

Last week, Ghostface took some potshots at Shkreli, calling him a "shithead" and demanding that he share Shaolin with the people. In turn, Shkreli has returned with a seriously surreal beef video.

The two-minute video arrived via TMZ, and sees Shkreli sipping a drink while posted up with three masked goons. He refers to Ghost as Dennis ("I'm going to call you by your government name — you're not a Ghostface Killah") and demands that the rapper write him an official apology.

If he doesn't write an apology by tomorrow, Shkreli is going to delete all of Ghostface Killah's parts from One Upon a Time in Shaolin. As Shkreli continued on Twitter, he wants Ghostface Killah to write a 500-word apology with "no grammatical errors" or he'll delete his parts from the album.

Adding to the surrealism, Shkreli attempts to tough talk about drugs, accidentally referring to cocaine as "China white."

Watch the beef video and read Shkreli's tweets below.


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