Peter Bjorn and John "Breakin' Point"

Peter Bjorn and John 'Breakin' Point'
Swedish indie pop trio Peter Bjorn and John recently revealed plans to put out their first album in five years, Breakin' Point. The title track has now been released ahead of the rest of the record, and if you latched onto the band's whistle-heavy "Young Folks" way back in the day, you'll be glad to know that this latest pop track isn't afraid to pucker up and blow either.

The new tune's digital beats are accompanied by spacious acoustic strums and a slightly sorrowful whistling melody. Lyrically, the track weighs in on those cold fall nights spent pondering life on the couch. "What to do, what to say," it's sung during the verse.

You can sample the song below, courtesy of Stereogum, while the rest of Breaking Point is due June 10 through INGRID.