Pete Doherty Depicted on Crucifix in Statue

Pete Doherty Depicted on Crucifix in Statue
Earlier this year, Libertines/Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty penned a tribute song for his late friend Amy Winehouse. Now, Doherty is following in the footsteps of Winehouse by getting his very own statue in London.

From the sound of things, the statue could be rather shocking to behold, since it depicts the songwriter being crucified on a cross. This very Christ-like work of art is called For Pete's Sake and it was created by Nick Reynolds. It will be unveiled on on February 19 at St. Marylebone Parish Church as part of Art Below's Stations of the Cross exhibition, which will run until March 17.

Evidently there's a metaphorical meaning to depicting Reynolds on the cross. Reynolds said in a statement, "When I created this work I saw Pete being crucified by the media and that provided the basis of my inspiration to make this piece." It's life-sized and made of marble.

The piece will be displayed in the middle of the church. It has never been shown in public before.

The Reverend Canon Stephen Evans of St. Marylebone's said, "Doherty's battle with addiction and a self-destructive lifestyle have been well catalogued in the press throughout his career; today, having successfully completed rehab treatment in Thailand, Doherty seeks to live a new life free of the things which had nearly destroyed him. I hope that For Pete's Sake might help visitors to the exhibition stop and reflect not only Christ's Passion and Resurrection and what this means but also to stop and reflect on what in their own lives leads to death or to life."