Perth Perth

Perth play a unique style of fuzzed-out garage rock meets sludgy post-hardcore that can best be described as a mash-up between the Oblivions and Black Flag. The guitar work is similar to Greg Ginn's intensely muddy style, as each note is carelessly struck, without mercy, over a relentless drum beat that smashes its way through each song like a well oiled machine. Quintessential tracks "Elements," "Bull Axis" and "Street Glutton" are reminiscent of that crushing sound that graced the SST Records roster 25 years ago. Perth do an impressive job on their self-titled release, with each punishing track bleeding into the next, leaving the listener little time to recover. Not to mention that the bare bones instrumentation and minimal production values make this effort rawer and more abrasive than most hardcore acts today. (Old School Kids)