on Exclaim! TV Chatroom (Pt.1 and 2)

BY Riley HuntPublished Apr 27, 2015

Maryland-bred progressive metal band Periphery started their year off rather ambitiously by releasing a double concept album entitled Juggernaut: Alpha & Juggernaut: Omega. In support of the two releases, the band has taken their extensive live show on the road with their Juggernaut North American tour, performing the freshly extended catalogue to their extremely devoted following.
While on a recent stopover in Toronto, we met up with guitarists Jake Bowen and Mark Holcomb in their tour bus to film another instalment of Exclaim! TV's Chatroom, where fans ask their favourite bands and artists questions via social media.
For this particular Chatroom, we were amazed by the amount of questions we received from fans. The result is one of our most in-depth Chatroom sessions yet, with topics of discussion including an overview of the band's origins, techniques and inspiration behind their songwriting, band dynamics and collaborations, fantasies about Arnold Schwarzenegger as their hype man, and much more.
Watch part one and two of our Periphery Chatroom session in the players below.
Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio mixed by Kyle Laurin


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