People Noise Ordinary Ghosts

You know when you want to do something really badly but you just can’t bring yourself to? You want so badly to nap but you just can’t sleep; you want so badly to finish an essay but for some fucked up reason it’s not getting done; you want so badly to write music that’s incendiary and bone-chilling and you try every way imaginable but it’s just not happening. This is the situation that People Noise are in and listeners of their debut, Ordinary Ghosts, will find themselves in a similar rut — wanting it to be enthralling but settling for the fact that it’s just alright. The Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins influences are evident on lingering cuts like "Pretty Things” yet at other times, they experiment with ambience and, unfortunately, raunch simultaneously ("Sedation”). Electronically-fuelled, People Noise are a rock band comprised of Zeke Buck and Matt Johnson, who you may have heard about due to their past ventures in other successful bands, but People Noise are a new outlet for them and if they keep working hard enough, they should hopefully stumble upon some energy, rather than this lust-less collection of faded tunes. (Independent)