Peaking Lights "Dreambeat" (video)

Peaking Lights 'Dreambeat' (video)
We're well into the dog days of summer, and like many of us, dub-pop duo Peaking Lights just can't beat the heat in their new video for Lucifer number "Dreambeat." The band make a brief cameo near a New York subway station, but the clip centers on one woman's activities on a muggy day.

Her schedule seems pretty stacked, as she bounces from as a boardwalk swimming session, to a neighbourhood bike ride, to a block party fuelled by a little kid's swimming pool and some fire-hydrant shenanigans. Despite escaping the sun with some late-night fun, she still sweats it out on a nightclub dancefloor by clip's end. We blame the deceptively sizzling minimalist drive of "Dreambeat."

You can see for yourself down below.