Peaking Lights


> > Jun 19 2012

Peaking Lights - Lucifer
By Cam LindsayIn between their breakout debut, 2011's 936, and its follow-up, Lucifer, Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis experienced a life-changing event: the birth of their son, Mikko. This brought about a conceptual shift in their bubbling dub-pop, forcing them to conceive jams in those hours between "moonrise to sunrise." Whereas 936 introduced us to a wonderland of dub-infused psychedelia, Lucifer features a much wider scope from the duo. "Cosmic Tides" follows their debut's template the closest, but the dub influence has been curbed ever so slightly to allow other influences to enter into the fold. "Midnight" playfully allows the rhythm to break free, enabling them to toss some Krautrock into the mix, while the concluding "Morning Star" is a brief, twinkling instrumental that sounds unlike anything they've done before. "Lo Hi," an album standout, reveals Peaking Lights' ambition to reach a Screamadelica-sized scale, echoing the multi-layered, acid house anthems Primal Scream revolutionized music with. Peaking Lights are still making music that demands to be experienced in a thick cloud of smoke, it's just a light is now cracking through the haze, promising big things to come as they further their dub-pop sound.
(Mexican Summer)
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