Peace Division/Various Nite:life 010

For a clean mix of deep, tribal house music, look no further than Nite:life 010. Clive Henry and Justin Drake, best known as Peace Division, serve up a dark and sexy collection of modern house music. This is not a mix of light-headed summery favourites, but a sweaty underground workout. Many of the tracks sound like Peace Division's own productions: big, rumble-y drums and buzzing bass lines take the lead while noises, vocals and samples percolate throughout. And the music is chosen and mixed well. Some of the best tracks include Box Boy's "Doob Moon," with a seductive female voice repeating "On a summer night" over and over, Solo's deep and trippy "Cocaine," which samples the old house classic "Your Only Friend" and Rui da Silva's grooving, spacy mix of Marcelo Castelli's "Sonar." Surprisingly there isn't a single Peace Division track or remix on the whole disc, and only one track comes from their Low Pressings label. That's odd, since their style of music is right in step with their selection. The disc ends with James Holden's future classic "I Have Put Out The Light," a track that is truly progressive, since it is neither house nor trance, but something in between, with tinkle-y bells, off-kilter percussion, reversed bass lines and delicate female vocals. Overall, a superior mix. (NRK)