Peace On Earth

Starting as the Squad Boys in 2003, Kamloops quintet Peace inhabit a musical terrain that few have dared to tread since the college rock boom of the ’90s. Part world music, part granola munching jam band, the group bring an outspoken message of "good times all the time” to their collective campfire. Thanks to their locally famous, now out-of-print Hamburgers CD-R, they were discovered by Mount Eerie’s Phil Elverum early last year, and have found a new audience in the Northwest indie rock scene. Recorded with Elverum in Florida, On Earth utilises the warm tones of indie rock while ascending cultural boundaries, resulting in a positive message that is equal parts world music and college folk-hop. "Summertime” is a sunny romp through the joys of warm weather, while "Wash Away the Pain” lightens its darker subject matter with a choir of tribal beat boxing. "Jus’ Dippin’” is the perfect album closer, a smooth comedown from the record’s all-over-the-map genre bending. Managing to balance an indie sensibility with elements of ’90s funk, world and college rock, On Earth is a solid debut from these Kamloops up-and-comers. (PW Elverum & Sun)