Pavement Set Sights on New Album Release

Pavement Set Sights on New Album Release
Fans of indie rock heroes Pavement have been ecstatic over the band's reformation for a number of shows. At the same time, they were also deflated when multi-instrumentalist Bob Nastanovich announced there were no plans for new material a couple of weeks ago.

While Nastanovich was right in that the band won't likely be writing any new songs, according to guitarist Spiral Stairs (aka Scott Kannberg) in a discussion with NME, the band will issue some sort of recorded gem for fans.

The band are apparently planning to issue a best-of compilation that will also boast previously unreleased radio sessions and outtakes. No, it's not a bevy of new classics but it's better than the whopping nothing they had to offer before all this began. The collection should hit stores approximately around the same time the band's reunion tour starts next year.

"There's talk of doing a best of, with some really cool outtakes on that," Stairs said in the interview. "The very first radio show that Pavement ever did has never been released. I don't think anyone's heard it, so we'll put that out there sometime."

Just you wait. After those reunion gigs, new album. Just keep those fingers crossed.