Patrick Watson Plans Backyard Web Series Ahead of New LP

Patrick Watson Plans Backyard Web Series Ahead of New LP
Patrick Watson has had a relatively low-key 2011 so far, but that will soon change. The Montreal pop maestro is planning to launch an ambitious web series based on backyard concerts, which will arrive online ahead of his latest LP, due in early 2012.

This weekend, Watson set up his piano beside some train tracks in Rouyn-Noranda, QC, to perform a set for the gathered fans.

"We're starting to build a web series that is stories in people's backyards," the songwriter told AUX. "When we tour we're going to try to play people's backyards and collect their stories as we go. It's based on David Lynch's Interview Project, this web project he did in the States."

Watson apparently met up with a Rouyn-Noranda local the next day to film an episode of the web series. He has a few more Quebec tour dates coming up this month, which ought to provide some more backyard fodder.

As for Watson's next LP, it's fittingly titled Adventures in Your Own Backyard and is expected sometime in January or February.

He said, "I find it a lot more heartfelt than the other records in the sense where there's less stuff. With the other records, there was a lot of things happening all the time. This one's a bit more subdued, but still [has] crazy arrangements. It's more direct."

When it arrives, this will be the follow-up to 2009's Wooden Arms.

Tour dates:

9/15 Saint-Eustache, QC - La Petite Eglise

9/16 Saint-Eustache, QC - La Petite Eglise
9/23 Sorel-Tracy, QC - Café-Théâtre les Beaux-Instants
9/24 Waterloo, QC - Maison de la Culture de Waterloo