Patrick Watson "Places You Will Go"

Patrick Watson 'Places You Will Go'
As previously reported, Montreal pop softie Patrick Watson is gearing up to release a new album called Love Songs for Robots. Ahead of its arrival, we get a taste of the album with "Places You Will Go."

As could be expected, the song is a lush pop song full of Watson's gentle vocals and immaculate production. Revealing that the song's Dr. Suess-referencing title was intentional, Watson shared the following statement about the track:

That is kind of a song that is the most similar to what we've done in the past. I read a lot of Dr. Seuss books when I was a kid and the book I took the title from is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. All Dr. Seuss books make incredible adult songs. I was reading the book to my kids and I realized Dr. Seuss wrote so many smart things in it that even adults don't tell each other. If something were to ever happen to me and when my kids become twenty years old I would want them to listen to this song as my personal message to them.

Listen to "Places You Will Go" below. Love Songs for Robots is due on May 12 via Secret City and Domino. Watson also has some North American tour dates coming up, and you can see all those here