Pathology Incisions Of Perverse Debauchery

As the economy slows down, life’s necessities become out of reach, forcing us to cope with fewer choices. Death metal becomes a luxury good. And with everything less affordable, consumers demand value, something that gives good return on an hour’s work. Consider San Diego’s Pathology. Can their latest portion be stretched to nourish a fan’s cravings? It depends on the budget. Between Incisions Of Perverse Debauchery and baby food, please feed the baby. If there’s money for one record, check if you own None So Vile and if not, buy that. If you own None So Vile, buy it again and give it away. In short, Pathology might be for a more excessive era, one where money is spent carelessly, without forethought. You could say they’re brutally unaffordable, but just for now — eventually things will brighten. We’ll see Pathology on the shelf and think, "Why not?” Jobs will appear, incomes will rise and we can all stop being so choosy. Let’s just hope it’s still in print. (Grindhead)