Paten Locke Super Ramen Rocketship

Fans of Mr. Lif and Akrobatik may already be familiar with Paten Locke's musical workmanship. On his exotically titled debut solo set, the Jacksonville, FL native makes a valiant attempt to test his skills against the double-edged sword of triple-threat status. Responsible for every sonic morsel emanating from Super Ramen Rocketship, Locke proves early on that he's no slouch on the mic, riding competently above an expansive sound palette that reveals a man with a clear and admirable goal of bringing something different to the table. The producer's attention to detail and aversion to lazily lacerated loops are evident on cuts like the well-crafted "Breakthrough" and the sliced-up guitar/flute licks of "Wadaap," just as "Off The Grid" hints at his affinity for old school production. Unfortunately, these moderate attempts at musical expansions are far from perfect and make for more than a few momentary mishaps (check the near-grating "Funky Hit Record"), and aren't enough to push Locke's admittedly efficient yet largely uninspiring wordplay to interesting levels. (Tres)