Passion d'Flower Return of the Ugly Warrior

The best release from Toronto label Fading Ways Music comes from a band that imploded under the strain of a glimmer of poetic genius. This seven-song collection of remastered songs proves that Skutch Shimoda was a truly gifted songwriter, backed by a raw band that showed promise and talent. His passion for love in “The Legend” is overshadowed by the hot sexy rhythm that massages your erogenous zones. A little Spanish zest has been added for the sultry number “Shoulderman.” On this particular number, Shimoda can be heard chatting away to the band, but fails to distract them from the task of creating beautiful music. For a moment in 1992, Passion d’Flower were capable of provocative music and this back catalogue release highlights that, but as they are no longer capable of creating this moment again, Return of the Ugly Warrior could be looked upon as a failure. (Fading Ways)