Pas/Cal Dear Sir

Pas/Cal are clearly not a prolific band. Or maybe they are, but their quality control is such that only the absolute best songs are released for general consumption. Whatever their excuse, there’s no getting past the fact that it has taken the band four years to complete their series of three EPs. Dear Sir is the final instalment and while two years is a long time to wait between releases, once again the finished product seems to be worth the wait. "Little Red Radio” sounds like the New Pornographers at the top of their game, while "C.A.U. (Sans Muscle)” hints at XTC and the Apples In Stereo. And naturally, with just five songs, there’s nary a wasted moment. If Pas/Cal can sustain their magic touch beyond the duration of an EP, their long-awaited debut album could turn out to be one of the year’s best pop records. The world will hopefully know soon enough. (Le Grand Magistery)