Parts & Labor Ask Fans To Help Make New Album

Parts & Labor Ask Fans To Help Make New Album
Have you ever dreamed of being part of a weird and wacky noise record? Do you enjoy collecting bits of audio? Do you like helping a brother out? If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, Brooklyn experimenters Parts & Labor want your help.

Following 2007’s Jagjaguwar full-length Mapmaker and the 51-song, 30-minute Escapers EP, Parts & Labor are looking for fans to contribute audio clips to their upcoming album, which they are now recording. Via a post on the band’s MySpace page, Parts & Labor explain all:

Want to be on the next Parts & Labor album?

We're in the studio working on our next album. Send us some audio samples to use on the recording.

We're looking for snippets of noises, field recordings, found sounds, drones, speaking, etc.

Send audio that responds to any or all of these questions:

1. What's your favorite or least favourite sound?
2. What are you afraid of?
3. What do your parents sound like?
4. Where are you going, or where have you been?

The deadline for submissions is May 23.

Please keep the samples under 10 seconds. wav or aiff formats are preferred (but mp3s are okay too).

Email your submissions to [email protected] Include your name for crediting purposes if you want.

Parts & Labor
PS: By sending us audio files you're agreeing to let us use them on our audio