Parts & Labor


BY Josiah HughesPublished Oct 21, 2008

Having released albums like clockwork for the past few years, Brooklyn’s Parts & Labor were crafting their sporadic noise punk into a well-oiled machine. However, thanks to line-up changes and the band’s evolution, the sound has changed a lot for their fourth album, Receivers. Gone are the frenetic drums that strengthened 2007’s Mapmaker and instead the band have built strong rock structures with new drummer Joe Wong and their first-ever guitarist, Sarah Lipstate. Where songs like "Nowheres Nigh” and "Mount Misery” would have previously drowned their melodies in noise, here they grow and develop. If you’re looking for the brain-hurting chaos that Parts & Labor made their name on you might be disappointed. But Receivers is still an excellent album and a logical step in this hard-working band’s canon.

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