Paramore RIOT!

The emo backlash is building to such a cantankerous level of cynicism that it’s next to impossible for a young band coming up through the ranks to have a chance. Especially if they’re released by Fueled By Ramen, which has made Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco million sellers. Paramore meet all the criteria to make even the most accepting punk snob despise them before hearing a note: the members are as young as 17; they look like they shop at Hot Topic; and they have a song called "For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic.” But taking into account that the band were formed when singer Hayley Williams was only 13, which not only makes them sort of veterans but also predates "emo” becoming a fightin’ word, they deserve a chance. Their second album, RIOT!, is the sort of high-energy/high-emotion pop punk that helped birth Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American, or even the landmark Clarity. To some it will sound like a beefier Avril Lavigne but while that boorish brat’s music is purely superficial, Paramore dig deep to convey genuine emotions, because hey, they’re young and full of them. Where songwriters Williams and guitarist Josh Farro earn accolades is not just in the crisp, hook-crammed riffage but also in the sincere words that form powerhouses like "Miracle” and awesome single "Misery Business.” If you can get past the third generation emo appearances and give them a chance, Paramore will pleasantly surprise you. (Fueled by Ramen)