Paragon Calm Before The Storm

Hailing from Battersea, South London, Paragon is made up of cousins Rapsody the 6ft3 and Jiff. This four-track EP is a promising taster of the talent of this crew, who like many recent UK acts, have shed the need to rhyme in an explicitly American accent. While the first track, "Queen Like No Other," would give you the impression that they are a jazzy, Native Tongues-influenced crew, the sinister vibes on "Mr. Angry" and the party-themed "Alright" makes it hard to pinpoint what the crew is exactly about. While the variety is welcome, the EP shows that Paragon are adept at different styles of hip-hop, but there's potential to round out their own distinctive identity. The complementary rugged and smooth deliveries of the MCs, however, is their most distinctive element, and "You," a catchy and humorous dismissal of so-called MCs fixated on the bling-bling, is a strong indication that good things lie in the future for this crew. (No Dough)