Paolo Mojo / Various Balance 009

It’s been a long time since a progressive house mix has made me happy. I’d thought that scene had completely forgotten, bouncing, happy vibes. Paojo Mojo has picked a lot of uplifting tracks for this two-disc mix. Alex Kid’s tweak-y acid break-up song "Pick It Up,” the a cappella to Deee-Lite’s "Good Beat,” Underground Resistance’s "Transitions” and his own "Ruckus” all brought a smile to my face. It’s almost like 1993 again, but this disc has tracks that are brand new and dusted off the shelves. The mixing is done well throughout, and there are plenty of tracks and different styles. My only quibble is the ending of disc two, which may have a bit too much techno, instead of keeping the progressive house going. Also, he ends things off exactly the same way Superpitcher did on his mix last year, with Sebastien Tellier’s "La Ritournelle.” Great song, but it’s been done. Other than that, it’s a pretty wicked mix. (Monotreme)