Pantheon of Blood


BY Natalie Zina WalschotsPublished Jul 23, 2013

Finnish underground black metallers Pantheon of Blood have chosen to explore the conceptual potential of the four alchemical elements in their latest EP, the blistering Tetrasomia. Over the four tracks, Pantheon of Blood touch upon the four corresponding elements: air, fire, water and earth. While still a harsh and acerbic album, especially when it comes to the vocals, which are as dry and withered in tone as they are icily intense in delivery, Tetrasomia is a more melodic effort than 2011's Consociatio Solis et Lunae. There's warmth and trembling vitality to the instrumentation that allow moments of softness and vulnerability to penetrate the darkness. This focus on melody, as well as clearer production values, also allows Pantheon of Blood to display their musical skillset more effectively, such as the sinuous, supple guitar leads on "Monta Maailmaa Nähnyt." A succinct, tight EP with a strong conceptual framework and solid execution, Tetrasomia is a refreshing black metal album that still adheres to the principles of an old-school aesthetic.
(Eldritch Lunar Miasma)

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