Pantayo's "V V V (They Lie)" Was Inspired by Bubble Tea

Stream the latest track from the Toronto group's debut album
Pantayo's 'V V V (They Lie)' Was Inspired by Bubble Tea
Just over two weeks away from releasing their self-titled debut album, Pantayo have shared another song from the effort.

Today, the Toronto ensemble have shared "V V V (They Lie)," which follows previously shared album cuts "Heto Na" and "Divine." As the group tell it, the song was born out of a trip to sip some delicious bubble tea.

"We wrote 'V V V (They Lie)' in a day," Pantayo explained in a statement. "We were having bubble tea at that time and the song just came together intuitively. The composition of the song was a lot like a cup of bubble tea. We added 2 cups of blended percussion as the base, then some analog synth tapioca pearls to keep the texture interesting and fun, and finally topped it off with a few tablespoons of fresh tropical vocal fruits for some added sweetness."

Hear "V V V (They Lie)" below. 

Pantayo arrives May 8 via Telephone Explosion. The effort was produced by alaska B of Yamantaka // Sonic Titan.