Pangea Project Pangea Project

Pangea Project isn’t your average MC collective. Case in point is "City Of Angles” the first track from this self-titled full-length. While it would seem logical to use this introduction to carve out the four distinctive personalities within the group, MCs Kamau, Natural, Equinox 199 and Change take on the roles of public transit driver, policeman, convenience store owner and homeless man to provide an intensely visual portrait of T-dot urban living. With Equinox 199 and Natural underlining their conceptual execution again on "The World’s Greatest Entertainer,” dedicated to the pervasive power of the idiot box, this crew’s tendency to favour insightful collective observations on everyday life with densely woven poetic verses is established. The fact that the spellbinding "Wonderful” with K-OS, a virtual celebration of ecology is labelled as a bonus track gives you an idea of the level of quality control with this theme. This is not to say the individual identities of the emcees aren’t articulated; Natural’s reflective take on his relationships is explored on the head-nodding "Caught In The Act” and Equinox 199’s drive for perfection is crystallised on "Priceless Plastic.” Whether teamed together in various configurations or rocking the mic solo on this release, the Pangea Project don’t waste or mince any words and unravelling their intense flows over repeated listening is truly revelatory. (Independent)