Panda Bear "Last Night at the Jetty" (album version)

Panda Bear 'Last Night at the Jetty' (album version)
We've already heard several cuts from Panda Bear's new Tomboy LP, as the art-pop icon has been releasing them two at a time via a series of seven-inch singles. These aren't the final versions, however -- last month we learned that former Spacemen 3 member Sonic Boom had signed on to remix and rework the album tracks. Now, a finished album version of "Last Night at the Jetty" has hit the interweb.

has posted the finished album version of "Last Night at the Jetty." It's a beautiful-sounding recording that replaces the summery haze of the single version with squelching guitars and crisp, clear reverb. To hear it for yourself, you can download the track here.

Tomboy will drop on April 12 via Paw Tracks. You can read up on the album and check out the tracklist right here.