Pan·American Quiet City

This release is just shy of revolutionary for Mark Nelson, who pilots the solo Pan•American project in addition to contributing to Labradford. Nelson touches down on a completely refreshing direction for Quiet City, his fourth release, focusing further on attaining ambient frequencies while completely shedding the minimal dub roots of previous albums, Pan American and 360 Business/360 Bypass. These eight tracks sway rather than swagger, and are more introspective than boisterous, thanks largely due to Nelson’s lyrics. Often nestled deep within the track, the lyrics are often difficult to decipher. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what Nelson is whispering. It’s the subtle delivery of his phrases that transcends the words beyond their literal meaning, finding a welcome place by blending into the tonal palette. While computers and guitar effects still play a large role in Pan•American, the inclusion of flugelhorn and trumpet cause a warm collision between new and old, making Quiet City seem like a resurrection of lost memoirs finally seeing the light of day. (Kranky)