Pam Tillis Rhinestoned

Pam Tillis’s latest album, Rhinestoned, is her first release on her label Stellar Cat Records, and is a delightful and fun bit of sparkle. Upon first listen, it feels like a really good summer night dance, with the floor swaying, gentle turning, a sweet sigh and pull your lady closer singing. They are songs that move your feet, if not your head. More careful inspection produces a few notable exceptions. The quirky "Band in the Window” and the heartstring twanging of "Someone Somewhere Tonight” both show the appreciation and thoughtful craftsmanship of these songs. But the real oddball, the wonderfully strange honky tonk of "Crazy By Myself,” is a true album favourite. The lyrics, "I don’t need you to drive me home baby/I can go crazy by myself,” are matched the sweet groove clarinet of Jim Hoke and bouncy bop vocals. "Over My Head,” which closes the disc, returns to more traditional roots with a crystalline layering of mandolin, fiddle and close harmony, giving a joyful shine to a project that shows that even after all these years, this lady has plenty of glittering notes left to come. (True North)