Pale Eyes "The Consolation of Action" (video)

Pale Eyes 'The Consolation of Action' (video)
In what's surely one of the stranger music videos we've seen in some time, electronic experimentalists Pale Eyes have unveiled a clip for their song "The Consolation of Action" from the recent album Sweatshop.

The clip for this noisy electronic cut begins with a shot of someone dancing with a Canadian flag. Things get meta around the 20-second mark, when we see a YouTube clip of that same shot before the cursor selects "The Consolation of Action" in iTunes. Most of the rest of the video then plays on the screen of a computer (running OSX, incidentally), where we see more dancing via open Safari windows. In other words, it looks a bit like the video equivalent of a Liz Phair or M.I.A. album cover.

The clip was created by Lido Pimienta and Tough Guy Mountain. Pale Eyes explained in an email, "In it you'll see a group of art school students grapple with a repressed lust for eating cake, and a golden lady twerking at a Canada Day party. It's weirder then it sounds, I promise." They aren't kidding. Watch it below.