Painful Shivers The Ship, St. John's NL, April 25

Painful Shivers The Ship, St. John's NL, April 25
Photo: Noah Bender
The slow psych of Montreal's Painful Shivers was an interesting choice to close Saturday night's festivities at the Ship. From the reverb-drenched guitar and droning synth to Nic Wilson's vocal drawl, they evoked the cinematic glitz of Timber Timbre's latest album. Bassist Kayley Patterson provided dimension to the band's sound, and their technical ability ensured tightness to the proceedings.
Unfortunately, by just the fifth or sixth song, the band's songs, all slow burners and midtempo swings, began to bleed together, and monotony, no matter how slight, can easily mar a 1 a.m. set.

Still, the Painful Shivers have an intriguing aesthetic, and the occasional slab of chunky guitar riffing from Wilson broke up the late-night grooves enough to keep things interesting throughout.

Their encore song, in particular, was a highlight.