Pain Principle Waiting For The Flies

Usually waiting for the flies would be an indication of a lifeless, decaying or useless thing that once had existence, however Pain Principle are definitely not in that category. Drawing influences from metal greats Pantera and Death, it’s easy to hear why Pain Principle’s third release, Waiting For The Flies, is a bang on great metal album. Right from the get-go, Pain Principle take a straight-ahead approach to their music by blasting your ears with harsh, growling vocals. Their guitar prowess is quickly demonstrated in "Martyr System,” with fast riffing and a solo to make it understood that they play a version of aggression based on older styles. They complement this with "All But The Dying,” where they intro with a riff that Metallica would have written before they released Load, but this slower take doesn’t last long, as Pain Principle return to their previous style, adding a fevered touch. They vary their sound again in "In Dim Light,” with the fastest drumming of the album surrounded by guitar squeals, double bass and boorish vocal bellowing. Waiting For The Flies is certainly not a lifeless effort, showing off a variety of techniques and variations on the metal genre. (Blind Prophecy)