Pagan's Mind

God's Equation

BY Bill WhishPublished Jan 26, 2008

Although the grim and frostbitten fjords of Norway are best known for black metal-influenced exports, the Nordic nation is also home to a growing progressive metal scene. One of the leaders of this scene are Pagan’s Mind, and as their face-painted countrymen churn out black metal, this quintet have been trying to make prog a little more prevalent in Norway. Dream Theater fans will certainly find something to enjoy on the fourth full-length from Pagan’s Mind, God’s Equation. Although the impossibly precise guitar work of John Petrucci is not employed by the Norsemen, the nearly power metal-sounding vocals, coupled with the ubiquitous use of keyboards and samples, are most certainly noticeable. The epic feel and synth-heavy production should be warning to anyone looking for something heavy, as you are probably going to be a left feeling empty by Pagan’s Mind. Also included on God’s Equation is an interesting take on Bowie’s "Hallo Spaceboy,” reworked and amped up just enough to suit the band’s sound. It’s a bizarre cover, but it somehow works.

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