The Pack A.D.


BY Gabrielle DomanskiPublished Sep 27, 2011

Drenched in fuzzed-out guitar riffs and a '70s-inspired rock aesthetic, the most recent offering from Vancouver, BC duo the Pack A.D. blends their bluesy approach with elements of British punk and experimental electronica. Their fourth full-length album, Unpersons, finds singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller focusing their musical vision into a tightly packed, snarky exploration of failed relationships, proving once again that these musicians are not to be messed with. "Sirens" starts the album off right, with Black's vocals manifesting as airy yet precise, floating over a strong backbone of garage rock guitar. The record's energy continues to build on Miller's drum-led "Haunt You," while "8" evokes the essence of early punk, with its British-accented introductory snarl of "I don't give a fuck" and the punchy, gang-shouted chorus of "I think your friends would hate my friends." The album then takes a mellow pause, with "Seasick" and "Take" embodying the moments of pensiveness and apprehension that usually precede the volatility of a break-up. Meanwhile on the somewhat out of place "Positronic," the duo delve into the robotic in an attempt to slightly broaden their style. Unpersons, however, is indeed a blues rock gem throughout and further evidence of Black and Miller at their most confident.
(Mint Records)

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