The Pack A.D. "Battering Ram"

The Pack A.D. 'Battering Ram'
Ahead of the Pack A.D.'s in-the-works debut LP for Nettwerk Records, the Vancouver duo are delivering their quick career overview EP Some Sssongs. Collected with a few old cuts is a new bludgeoning rawk number called "Battering Ram," which you can hear now ahead of the August 27 street date.

The track is surging with live-wire blues-punk riffs and drummer Maya Miller's scattershot drum hammering, while Becky Black's powerful pipes detail pummelling through life with the assistance of a big ol' battering ram.

You can hear the band bash through the track down below.

While Some Sssongs arrives next week, the band's Do Not Engage LP is expected to drop in early 2014.