Pacha Massive All Good Things

With a fairly cheesy cover, young male/female street-wear clad singers and rollicking grooves highlighted by a great breezy single, "Don’t Let Go,” it may be easy to dismiss New York-based Pacha Massive as a Latino version of Toronto’s Len. However, Dominican-born writer, producer, rapper, multi-instrumentalist DJ Nova and Colombian-born bassist and writer Maya’s debut album, All Good Things, is an absorbing collage of traditional Latin sounds embellished with laidback raps and hipper disco sounds to intelligently blueprint a soundtrack for ambassadors of a new Chicano generation. Shunning political views for good times and shout outs, evident in simply titled songs such as "Your Love” or "Drive” (or "Cruisin,” to keep with the low-rider titles), Pacha are at their best when Nova delivers insanely catchy Spanglish raps over dub, drum & bass, lazy Santana-style guitar and lounge-y organ while Maya provides a kind of sweet thug back-up vocals and energetic bass. The tracks are nicely spaced between different musical styles and the cap is two sweet disco tracks at the end that make this an enjoyable listen for summer days and nights. (Nacional)