BY Clayton TomlinsonPublished Mar 25, 2020

A newcomer on the Toronto music scene, Ozy has released his second full-length record, Ozymandias — ten tracks about growing pains, immigrant life in Canada, growing up with the name Osama and trying to make his mom proud. This range of topics allows a view into the life of many people in this city, where half of the inhabitants don't count English as their native tongue.
Like many talented rappers early in their career, you can hear Ozy's influences in his songs, and in this case, J. Cole sticks out the most. Each of Ozymandias's tracks is lyrical, quick-paced without interfering beats and large, melodic and emotional features from three female vocalists that make the conversations between him and his mom seem all the more realistic.
The standout track is definitely "Mary Monroe Freestyle," where Ozy raps that he's "on the come up cuz I had a dream." Its beat, by Nihilo, is phenomenal and a big chance taken, which is why the song stands out. On "Lord Forgive Me," he raps that he's "found [his] peace in [his] verses," and he hopes the lord, and his mother, forgive him for this.
Ozymandias is a solid album and shows that Ozy is definitely someone to keep on your radar.

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