Owsley Owsley

Owsley’s album cover features him doing a scissors kick with his guitar in front of some badly peeling ‘70s wallpaper. This is the sound of a slightly nerdy guy playing pop/rock music for sheer joy, a labour of love, regardless if anyone outside of his basement hears it. Sounds range from new wave (“Oh No The Radio”) to Beatle-esque (“Coming Up Roses,” “Sentimental Favourite”). No slavish imitator, Owsley also has a wealth of songs that would sound just find on modern rock radio. “I’m Alright,” is an In Utero-style blast of defiance that the kids deserve to hear. Owsley’s prior session-man credits may leave one slightly bemused (Amy Grant, Shania Twain, Judson Spence), but the album should leave discerning music fans satisfied. (Giant)