Over Stars and Gutters Consider This Your Curse

If you've ever wiped the sweat from your scruffy summer beard while moshing to gritty city punk then Over Stars and Gutters' debut album, Consider This Your Curse, was written for you. Their melodic, emotional punk will give solace to fans of Hot Water Music and the Descendents, unsurprisingly considering Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton produced the record. Fun fact: Stevo from SLC Punk was allegedly named after Egerton, which adds even more cred to anything he digs his nails into. From opening track "Written In Green Ink" to closer "All We Have," Consider This Your Curse adds anthem and attitude to the typical punk rock riffs and rants. Matt McHughes' raw vocals and Jerry Jump's rabid drumming hit hardest in tracks like "Between Sinners and Saints," but it's a little safe for a debut. This band have more balls than their name suggests and should consider this a victory. (Independent)